Heavy loads but good progress in nice weather

Einar and his team got to their first cache recently. The sleds had been getting much lighter as they used up the food and fuel. But after picking up more of both, the sleds became heavy again. Let´s see what Einar him self has to say about this.

“Last two days have been hard work with heavier sleds and rough climbing terrain. It helped that weather has been excellent and yesterday we had lunch for the first time outside in stead of sitting in the Rab emergency shelter we usually use for lunch break. We had no wind during the whole day. Yesterday [10th of December] we did 19,8 km and today [11th of December] 20,4 km. This morning we repaired Tim’s ski, it was delaminating in back and we used super glue to fix it. It seems to have worked.”

In the morning of the 11th of December they passed 300 km and in the end of the day they had done 318 km. Now they have 259 km to go until Thyls Corner where next cache is waiting.

20141211_210754Photo of a typical camp with the toilet in front, a very important building.

Einar tells us that their days have become very routined now.

“We wake up at 6 am, pack our things and have breakfast. We of course need to melt a lot of snow for the breakfast and to drink during the day. That can take up to one and a half hour. We normally start skiing at 8:45 and we ski 4 sections of one hour and forty five minutes each. We have two short breaks and one long where we put up the Rab emergency shelter so we can sit longer and eat. We normally stop between 5:30 and 6:00 pm and put up the camp. That takes up to one and a half hour and then of course we have dinner. Dinner is finished around 9:00 and we are normally snoring (according to Tim) soon after 10. Yesterday [12th of December] the terrain was better than Wednesday and we did 21,4km and today [13th of December] we did 20,7 km in sastrugis that became quite big by the late afternoon.”

SP_teamThis is how they look like during the day

Camp 16 at 82°34’960 S 80°48’588 W (end of 10th of December)
Camp 17 at 82°45’895 S 80°42’719 W (end of 11th of December)
Camp 18 at 82°57’424 S 80°41’577 W (end of 12th of December)
Camp 19 at 83°08’547 S 80°40’925 W (end of 13th of December)

Click here to view the progress on a map

– bh