IMG heading to the South Pole

Now we are counting down the days. Einar Torfi will leave for Punta Arenas, Chile, on Saturday the 15th of November. Ahead is a two month long expedition to the South Pole. The team of four will have to work hard on the way, this kind of journey is challenging for sure. The strenuous polar life and harsh conditions demand good physical and mental fitness of the team members.

The actual skiing will start on the edge of the Antarctic Continent and will not end until the team has reached the geological South Pole it self. The total distance that will be covered is around 1130km and the team will eventually climb up to 2.835m altitude as they reach their end goal.


You better be well protected when travelling in the harsh conditions of the polar regions. Photo: Leifur Örn Svavarsson

Einar Torfi will keep us posted about how the expedition is going by calling us and sending us text messages and photos. He will also send in the teams current position. We her at IMG‘s head office will be reporting right here on the blog the whole time, so stay tuned!

Story on Einar Torfi and the South Pole Expedition in Morgunblaðið, local news paper: In Icelandic /  In English (shorter version)

– Björgvin Hilmarsson, operation manager