In Punta Arenas preparing for Antarctica

“The team is in good spirit and doing well.“ Ok that´s what we want to hear! The days since Einar arrived to Punta Arenas have been used well to take care of the food and other things needed for the expedition.

SAMSUNGThe team is just about to leave Punta Areans

The team finished preparing the food bags yesterday. It was all packed into duffel bags before the guys from ALE came to weigh the load, food and gear, and then transport it to the airport. The load was 473 kg excluding the clothes they will wear on the plane and the hand luggage.

maturAll the food has been packed now and is ready to be transported to Antarctica

Celebrating the end of packing the team had a good lunch. In the afternoon there was a presentation at the ALE office for all travelers who were scheduled to fly out tomorrow to Antarctica. In the presentation the team got to know everything about the flight and procedures on arrival at Union Glacier.

SAMSUNGEinar´s expedition partners

Apparently the weather conditions are not too good at the moment so the flight will not be tomorrow as planned but on Saturday as the weather looks better then.

After the presentation at ALE‘s office, the team went for some really good food at a restaurant, lot´s of salad and some beer, something that they will not see much of while in Antarctica.

– bh

Photo: Einar Torfi Finnsson