It’s cool at 88°S

The latest message from Einar was just coming in:

“Last couple of days the weather has been good,  sunny,  light wind at 5 knots and -24°C. The snow is very sticky and the sleds slide badly so our speed is slower than before the last cache.  However we did 20,3 km yesterday [8th of January] and 21,7 today [9th of January]. Our days are still at 7 hours and 20 minutes active skiing time.  We are still gaining altitude but not as fast as before the cache point.  We are now at 2610 m and frankly I think that I feel the altitude.  At least I feel like my breath is a little bit short. The cold has made me add layers. I am now wearing three layers of Bergans merino wool on top, then a pullover and the Rab vapour rise jacket.  I am wearing 3 layers of socks in my shoes,  the fleece trousers under my Mountain Equipment Fitz Roy pants and the polar skirt. Taking windchill in account the temperatures we are experiencing are equal to -30 to -38°C. My 3 companions all have minor frost bites, one on nose, another on thighs and third on fingertips.   I have got away so far but we all have to be very careful with the cold.

Today we passed important landmarks. We passed 88°S and we have now skied more than 900 km. We have 217 km to go to the Pole.

Best regards,

a334091c-2dbd-4af4-af96-14453304ff3f604215729_cEinar wearing the Bergans polar skirt

Camp 42 at 87°53’379 S 81°59’562 W (end of 8th of January)
Camp 43 at 88°04’983 S 81°23’728 W (end of 9th of January)

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– bh