More crevasses and cooler weather

Einar and the team staid two nights at camp 39. Got a good rest and then continued after stocking up. As we heard about recently, they manage to cover long distances in the last few days before Camp 39. The first two days after they left the camp have been a bit tougher due to weather and conditions.

“Yesterday [6th of January] morning we started our last part of the expedition with pulkas heavy with provisions and fuel. We followed the advice of the Norwegian guide and headed slightly easterly in his footsteps (ski tracks). It came out to be a bad advice.  Contrary to what he said there were indeed two big crevasses on this way. I chose to rope up and cross them rather than making a 7 to 8 km detour,  but this did cost us valuable time. Thus the days covered distance was only 17,8 km.

20150107_204833A typical camp site in the middle of a sastruki field

Today [7th of January] the wind has been blowing at 15 to 20 knots and the temperature is -24 °C. It was definitely the coldest day so far.  I was wearing my Bergans polar skirt for the first time and it works well. With the wind and the cold the snow becomes sticky and it was really hard to pull.  We only skied mere 18,6 km in more than 7 hours which is one of the lowest speed we have had for a long time. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to drop to 10 knots so hopefully the skiing conditions will improve. It will still be cold but that is what can be expected here at our latitude and altitude.  We are now at 2480 m.

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Camp 40 at 87°32’466 S 81°53’885 W (end of 6th of January)
Camp 41 at 87°42’478 S 81°44’894 W (end of 7th of January)

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