Off to Antarctica

Einar and his team managed to leave Punta Arenas on Saturday and flew over to Union Glacier. When there, Einar had to meet up with at least five different people and take care of various things. One of the things the team had to do was to rearrange the food a bit. The freeze dried food and and the dried fish (of course Einar took that with from Iceland) was still separated from the rest of the food. They had to divide all the food up into the portions they would take with them in the beginning and then what would be waiting for them on different locations on the way.

When things were in order on Sunday they tested the gear a bit and did a short warm up tour. Then on Monday they flew out to Hercules Inlet and started walking at 13:15. They did 10km this first day, 5 active hours of skiing. The terrain was quite steep they gained 310m. In the end of the day they ended at 500m. The weather was good, some wind (around 10m/sec) blowing from the south of course and the temp was around -15°C.

ET_camp1Two photos sent from Einar Torfi. Skiing in good weather and then then Camp 1. Endless daylight.

This photo below is showing the plot from Tim Garret´s tracking device. Here we see Union Glacier, the landing spot at Hercules Inlet, Camp 1 and the route they have done so far today, Tuesday. We will be adding a map soon that will stay at the top of this South Pole’s expeditions section of the blog. Points will be added as they come in.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 23.38.39Plot from Tim Garret´s tracking device.


– bh