One third of the way behind

On Saturday the team started out in easy terrain but later on got to an area with big sastrugis and at the same time the visibility got worse. “During some time we did not see a thing, heaven and earth became one inseparable white mass we fumbled our way through.” Still, they managed to do 20,7 km like mentioned in last post.

Yesterday, Sunday the 14th of December, the weather was better than expected. Cloudy forecast but the weather turned out to be excellent. But the sastrugis only became bigger. “Terrain was a bit easier [than on Saturday] in the morning but in the afternoon we got “monster” sastrugis up to two meter high. We did 21,4 km today”

20141214_162419Bill passing one of the sastrugi waves

Total distance they have done now is 380 km and that means they have gone one third of the way. They now have 195 km to the next cache at Thyls corner. Forecast for tomorrow [Monday 15th of December] is very windy so they are going to see in the morning if that will be a rest day or not.

20141213_175253Sastrugis make the surface uneven and harder to ski over

Camp 20 at 83°20’020 S 80°35’620 W (end of 14th of December)

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– bh