Past the 84th degree south

Einar’s team are now past the 84th degree south. We congratulate them of course. Here is Einar’s latest message:

“Hi. Yesterday was a great day, sunny and bright weather with about 10 knots wind from south and the temperature at -13°C. We still had the monster sastrugis but it was not so hard to find your way through until early afternoon when we had a very hard section. We did 23,9 km in 7 hours and 15 minutes.

ff366574-6191-484d-ab16-01d1be4853cb-1738955142_cropExample of a sastrugi snow wave

Today the weather was sunny but in the late afternoon the sky got covered with clouds. We just managed to camp before we had a total white out. The sastrugis became smaller but at the same time harder to negotiate a good route through the so the day was quite rough. Today we did all four sections with one hour and 50 minutes each, so the day ended with 23,3 km. We have now 113 to go to Thyls corner and the plan is to do that in 5 days.

Best regards

Camp 23 at 83°52’026 S 80°43’585 W (end of 17th of December)

Camp 24 at 84°04’526 S 80°38’214 W (end of 18th of December)

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– bh