Reporting from the South Pole: The last two days in retrospect

Last night (19th of January) we reported about Einar and his team arriving to the South Pole. Later on he wrote to us about the last two days of the journey. So here it goes:

“I found yesterday [18th of January] quite hard,  snow was sticky as it has been last days and I was not feeling particularly good. The cold is now intense enough to freeze the evaporation from our bodies before it gets to the outer layers so the breathing capacity of our clothes is largely reduced and they are damp or half wet in the evening.  We managed to make 21,9 km in 8 active hours. I was glad at the end of this day that our trip is coming to an end.

The weather this morning [19th of January] looked really bad. Strong wind at about 20 knots, spin drift and bad visibility.  Luckily it cleared up about when we started skiing and the weather became very good. When we had about 15km to go we saw the first buildings of the American research station in the distance and that motivated us. We finally skied into camp at about 6:30 pm [10:30 pm GMT] and got a warm welcome from the ALE staff at the Pole.  After 1130 km, 57 days of travel and 53 days of skiing,  we have finally made it.  Yuppie!

Best regards

Camp 52 at 89°47’392 66°23’672
Camp 53 at the South Pole

Brilliant! Again we congratulate the guys for the achievement and wish them a pleasant journey back to their family and homes. After Einar gets back we will for sure post some more photos and stories about the expedition. Thank you for following up on us.

– bh