The last degree in white out

Our heroes in Antarctica are still faced by challenging snow conditions but don´t complain too much. Their plan is to be on the South Pole next Monday, 19th of January. Here we have Einar´s latest message:

“The last two days our progress is steady but rather slow. We did 19,2 km yesterday and 21,2 today.  The snow continues to be sticky and yesterday afternoon it started to snow.  In this Antarctic desert the annual precipitation is very low but during the night we got between 2 and 3 cm of new sticky snow. It was still very cold yesterday, -27°C in the morning and -28° in the evening.  This morning the temperature had risen to -20 along with the snowfall.  It does not help our progress that we had a total white out for a good part of the day.  I got so tired of the floating feeling that I asked Tim to break the trail at the end of the day.  And what a relief it is to be behind someone and actually see the ground 🙂

We arrived to the 89th parallel south yesterday and decided to camp on the edge so we didn’t have to carry our poo with us.  On the last degree we cannot leave anything and I mean anything,  behind. Our poo is carried along in special plastic bags we have to put in the pulkas. This started today and our sleds are now decorated with gray plastic bags with frozen content that I will not describe further.

Yesterday we had another important milestone,  when we passed 1000 km. Today we have 1037 km on the counter and 93 to go. We continue to aim for an arrival to the Pole on the 19th.

Best regards

Camp 48 at 88°59’999 S 77°27’890 W (end of 14th of January)
Camp 49 at 89°11’316 S 76°18’206 W (end of 15th of January)

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– bh