The two coldest days so far

As Einar and his team get closer to the South Pole it´s getting colder as they are gaining altitude. Pretty good progress though, despite tough conditions.

“The last two days have been the coldest ones so far.  Yesterday [10th of January] was a tough one.  We had a 20 knot wind and -27°C. This equals -40° according to Tim’s wind chill table.  We could not make a break with out using the Rab shelter and in the end we cut the day short after 6 and a half hour. We still made 18 km despite the wind , sticky snow and bad conditions.  One of the things that we are fighting in these low temperatures is that goggles and sun glasses constantly fog and then the humidity freezes on the inside of the lenses.  This is annoying but we are getting pretty innovative in dealing with this.

Today [11th of January] the temperature was still -27 but the wind was much lower than yesterday so it was a good travel day. We made 23 km today so we have only 176 to go. This will probably take us 8 more days so arrival to the Pole hopefully on the 19th.

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20150109_223146Tim in his sleeping bag, ready for a cool night.

Camp 44 at 88°14’582 S 81°16’206 W (end of 10th of January)
Camp 45 at 88°26’915 S 80°58’978 W (end of 11th of January)

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