Total white out

Here we have the latest message from Einar:

“Hi. Last two days the weather has been overcast and we have been fumbling our way through the sastrugis in a total white out. This slows down our speed considerably and makes our progress a much harder work. It is even complicated to choose a camp site in the evening since it is hard to see it the snow is flat or not. Yesterday we did only 18 km in 7 hours and 10 min and today we did 19,1 km in 7 hours and 20 min.

df817935-1ddd-4514-9d8c-e94e29920ebc984766666This is how the white out looks like

The weather forecast says that it should clear up tomorrow afternoon and we all look forward to that. My plan to get to Thyls Corner on the 23rd is getting tight and we might not get there until the 24th. Everyone is in good mood despite the hard work and looking forward to arriving to the next cache at Thyls where we will have clean clothes and the possibility to get rid of some stuff we do not need anymore. We are also happy that we have now gone over 500 km or 502 to be exact 🙂

Best regards


Camp 25 at 84°14’224 S 80°39’357 W (end of 19th of December)

Camp 26 at 84°24’496 S 80°40’832 W. (end of 20th of December)

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– bh