Half way, now at Thiels Corner

Einar´s team is now half way on their journey to the South Pole. They had a good last day to the second cache and did very well, manage to go all the way instead of arriving in the morning of the 24th. Here we have Einar’s message on this important point of the expedition:

“Hi and merry Christmas. Yesterday we pushed along and did the 27 km we had left to Thyls Corner. We arrived at 7pm after 7 hours and 40 minutes of skiing. We were all very happy to have reached our second cache, the 85th degree and our half way point to the Pole. Today we have spent most of our time going through the food and our equipment because here we can send back things we don’t need anymore. We plan to stay here tomorrow also so we get a perfect rest before continuing. The plan is to be considerably faster on our second half of the expedition and arrive to the Pole on the 18th of January. We wish everyone merry Christmas and hope everyone is having a great time.

Best regards

20141224_172412Happy chaps, spending Christmas at Thiels Corner 

 We of course send Einar, Tim, Hugh and William our greetings and hope they have a pleasant and relaxing time at Thiels Corner. We know Einar managed to bring in some food related treats for Christmas. Enjoy 🙂

Camp 29 (Thiels Corner) at 85°05’174 S 80°46’750 W (end of 23th of December)

Click here to view the progress on a map

– bh