Nearly half way now

“Hi. We have advanced well the last two days despite some “sand snow” conditions.  Yesterday we had breeze from the south and good visibility and made  24 km.  Today the wind picked up and blowed at around 10 knots from south.  We all felt the pulling of the pulkas was hard today and that our process was slow so we were happy to discover at the end of the day that we had done 24,1 km. But we feel quite beaten up after the hard work and look forward to our Christmas break.  We now have 27 km to go for our next cache at Thyls Corner so we should be there latest around noon of the 24th.

8c23fe17-bf2d-459b-8b5a-78022a5329911254427832The NF Bastion tent

a4707b0c-6d8a-41ff-86b3-140e5be848a3533485484And the toilet

Another thing that cheered us up today was that we saw mountains again after 300 km of nothing but the white snowy desert. These mountains are towards our northwest and are probably part of the Thyl mountains.  In the evening the wind accelerated and is now blowing at 15 knots.  This includes a lot of spin drift so I took pictures of our Bastion tent and the toilet with the snow blowing.  The pooper is a very important thing in these circumstances so you don’t get snow in pants when doing your thing.

Best regards


Camp 27 at 84°37’367 S 80°38′ 437 W (end of 21st of December)

Camp 28 at 84°50’312 S 80°41’812 W. (end of 22nd of December)

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– bh